Upgrade from PointCab Origins to PointCab Origins Pro

  • Item no.: PC-060-U3DP
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The upgrade to PointCab Origins Pro provides you with the full range of PointCab modules:

  •    4CAD interface

Upgrading from the base software PointCab Origins will enable our 4CAD-interface which is needed to run PointCab plug-ins (see plug-ins).

  •     Registration

PointCab Origins Pro contains a registration tool for scans of terrestrial laser scanners. Very precise geo-referencing included.

  •     Vectorizer (including profiler function)

The semi-automatic vectorisation tool is an excellent assistant to export vectorlines into CAD seamlessly.

  •     Volume

Whatever volume you encounter: foundation, mounds and many others the volume tool will quickly and easy calculate the result.

  •     SPACE WARP

Surface inspection of nearly all forms, structures and building parts, be it a cylindrical, polygonal or curved section. This tool is a one of a kind in the world.

  •     Point cloud export

The point cloud export was created to extract specific sub-areas of the point cloud for export into various interchange formats.

  •     Mesh

Individual module for rapid creation of triangulated digital terrain models (DTMs).

The upgrade from PointCab Origins to PointCab Origins Pro involves an additional annual recurring cost of €200.00 for maintenance and support (recurring, if not cancelled one month prior to expiration).

For the upgrade, the basic version of PointCab Origins must be up to date.