4Brics Plugin

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Our plugin for BricsCAD provides one of the easiest workflows for point cloud modeling in BricsCAD. Stay in your comfort zone and don't worry about point cloud data anymore!

The 4Brics plugin offers you the following features:

  • No need to export/import point cloud data.
  • Direct transfer of lines, circles, etc.
  • Direct transfer of 3D information.
  • Positionally correct placement of custom templates.
  • Data transformation for other CAD software
  • No need to navigate in the point cloud
  • Compatible with BricsCAD Pro & Platinum, version 19 or higher

Please note: Purchasing a plugin may increase the price of your Maintenance and Support Package if you previously owned an Origins without add-on modules or plugins. A valid Maintenance and Support Package is mandatory. Unfortunately it is not possible to check via the store which requirements are individually given. For this reason, additional costs may apply, which are not listed